Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Write for Life

I started this blog off of inspiration from my friends at faith*in*fiction. It seemed that "everyone else had a blog", and I was missing out. ;)

This endeavor has been a great joy so far. I've interacted with lots of people. This blog was checked out all over Europe thanks to our summer trip to Germany and the link to the Calling All Nations event. I've received free books thanks to it!

I started it to talk about writing. Sometimes I feel this was too bold of a move. As a writer, I really am a rank amateur. My only publishing credit so far is being part of the Scenes and Beans blog. I don't have the experience to really speak of how to improve your writing.

However, one thing I have managed to do is to network with a lot of cool people. I've been part of the Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy blog tour, which has some very imaginative people. You can find neat links under posts of mine like "Firebird" or Steven Lawhead or here. I've also joined the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance, which does a monthly (and soon to be bi-monthly) tour of the latest in Christian fiction. This is an awesome opportunity. If ever you wanted some good links to people and writing, check out all the links in the left hand side under the CFBA. There are 50+ links there, and if I don't have the goods, you can bet that someone there will.

Hopefully I can continue my networking and point people to other good resources out there. I'll let you know when I have new items to explore.

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