Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Seven Spheres - Media

(So no one noticed that this post is listed as Tuesday, yet it is coming out late Wednesday, right? Good.)

The series of Seven Spheres of Influence has the Media for a prayer emphasis on Tuesdays. I'm sure that many people would say that Christians should have a presence in the media. Then I'm sure that an equal number of people would say that we don't need another Fox News or Rush Limbaugh. I'd say that both are true.

I don't have anything against Fox News. Rush? Another story. But Christians in journalism and the media shouldn't be shrill junkets that can't speak credibly. Being called into the media as a mission field means that it will take great wisdom to speak truth. I would love to see reporters who can speak critically of things that deserve it, even within the church. Of course it will be nice to have people who come from a Biblical worldview when speaking of issues that deal with faith, but they really need integrity to speak accurately even when "our" position may be in the wrong.

One more day. Any guesses what we've missed?

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