Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Final Thoughts on Auralia's Colors

I just had a couple of final thoughts on Auralia's Colors.

1. Robert Treskillard described the book as being "poetic". Dang! That was the word I was searching for all night writing my post, and I couldn't come up with it. It is definitely a poetic book.

2. Marcus Goodyear commented "Funny that you describe the book as "truly an amazing accomplishment" but then say it isn't one of your favorites. Did you find yourself appreciating the artistry without being engaged in the story?"

Appreciating the artistry is pretty close. Let me say it this way: I really enjoyed the book overall. When I compare it to books I considered my favorites of 2007, it didn't quite make the list. However, in my opinion it is a very key book for Christian fiction. Overstreet gives us a book that challenges the boundaries of what Christian sci-fi and fantasy can be. It tells a story artfully and boldly, without having to explain to the reader every detail of what is meant from the story.

I was engaged with the story to a great degree, but there was a little that held back. There was a little distance to it. As I said yesterday, it seemed to be part of a grander vision, but lacked a little of what it needed to stand on its own.

Overall, the use of language and the challenge Overstreet set for himself in telling his story is what made me describe it as an amazing accomplishment. I think I can appreciate that without it being one of my top favorites (not to say that I didn't really enjoy it). Is it analogous to saying I know that Beethoven is a master, but I prefer Bach? Perhaps.

So, if you haven't read Auralia's Color, then I do encourage you to take a look at it and give it a chance. I think you'll be rewarded if you do.


  1. Ah, yet another post that makes me want to read it all the more...

    I can understand what you're saying. 'cause I've felt that in the past. Interesting way to put it.

  2. I like art and enjoy dabbling in it a bit-especially anything with colors. The cover of Auralia's Colors, the title, and the entire story grabbed me.I really enjoyed it.

    Check out my review for my take on it.

  3. Hey, Jason, I'm with you, though my reasoning was a little different. This is a book I desperately wanted to love and ended up liking a lot. My reason wasn't the slower pace but the fact that I didn't love any of the characters.

    I know, I know, others loved Auralia, but I just didn't. Still, the book was ground-breaking and well worth reading. I'm so glad WaterBrook published it, and I hope it gets the consideration it deserves.