Monday, January 28, 2008

Snow Day Special

Wow! How often do we get snow days anymore? Growing up, it was always the best day when we had a snow out, keeping us from class. I grew up in a rural community, so there were always kids who would get snowed into a farm or ranch even if we had school. I, on the other hand, had no excuse.

I lived a block from school.

I thought about trying to call in saying I was stuck, but they'd probably say something like, "I'm looking out the window and I can see your driveway. Nice try."

Today had a bit of a black cloud in the otherwise bonus day off: I have to travel an hour into the high mountain desert on a bus, catching it at 5:30 am. So first, they didn't cancel right away, so I had to get up early and trudge (more like skate) to the bus stop. Then, they sent us home at 10 am, but we sat at the bus depot for an hour before heading out so they could be sure they got everyone. Ah well. I still got six hours at home I wouldn't have had otherwise. Well spent paying bills and playing G.I. Joes with my 3 boys. Yo Joe!

This gave me plenty of time to dive into the latest book I chose for the CFBA blog tour: My Name is Russell Fink by Michael Snyder. So far it is an interesting read, and I'll have more in a couple of weeks. However, I just had to share this quote from it today. The main character is a hypochondriac, and is getting a mole biopsied by his doctor. Of course, he is sure it is cancer, so he is a bit nervous doing the procedure:

I begin to speak but have to stop and clear my throat. "Please tell me you've done this before, Doc. That you're not reading the instructions as you go."

"Actually, I'm using this paint-by-numbers kit that came with my mail-order medical license."

The wit of Mike Snyder, ladies and gentlemen.

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  1. Is it bad if I find myself still hoping for large amounts of snow once in a while? Our office has closed due to snow in the past.