Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Fun with Telemarketers

Last night I was up to my elbows in cooking dinner. The phone rings, and I don't think to screen with caller I.D. I was looking for the spaghetti noodles when the lady said, "We're conducting an important food survey."

My answer: "Then you shouldn't call during dinner."


Anyone else have a great comeback for these annoying phone calls? List them in the comments, and we'll have a little contest to see which is the best!


  1. I once had a Sprint caller contact me wanting save me money by switching to their service. Told them I wasn't interested in saving money. The guy had no comeback, so he hung up.

  2. HA-hahahha. That was a good one (and I'll have to remember it).

    I think the worst I ever treated one was when I raced out of the shower to answer the phone, expecting a call from my fiancee.

    TM: May I please to Bud Joyner (my father)?

    Me: I'm sorry, he can't come to the phone, because HE'S BEEN DEAD FOR TWENTY YEARS.

    I think she muttered something about being sorry, but I didn't care standing there in my towel sopping wet. And he really had been gone that long, so obviously they didn't REALLY want to talk to him.