Tuesday, October 24, 2006

30 Days of Prayer for Muslims

This may be bad timing, as it has just ended, but I wanted to highlight the 30 Day Muslim Prayer Focus that occurs each year during Ramadan. It is sponsored by WorldChristian bookstore, which you can find a button for on the right. They produce a booklet that leads you through praying for different areas and people groups of the Muslim world over those 30 days.

This has been a wonderful experience, as my wife and I have participated over the last several years. I especially enjoy the testimonies of what has happened in previous years as the result of the prayers, one of which I'll share now:

Last year an African prayer group of five participating in "30 Days" had the following experience: On the 17th day of prayer during Ramadan, the imam who was leading the local prayers found it impossible to continue praying. Another imam saw in a vision that the local Christians who were praying at the same moment were actually blocking the Muslim prayers. In the vision it was as though both sides were throwing rocks at each other in prayer, but the Christian rocks were breaking the Muslim rocks. The imam even asked the Christians not to pray at the same time as the Muslims. After this even several young Muslims came to faith in Christ.

Next year I will trumpet the Prayer Focus so anyone who would like to get on board can. It is wonderful to partner with our Father in prayer for those that need Him so much. It is also a great learning tool for other cultures and peoples around the world, treated respectfully.

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