Monday, August 21, 2006


Today is the start of the current Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy Blog Tour, sponsored by my good friend Becky Miller. We're working out of an exciting book, Firebird by Kathy Tyers. I was able to participate with this month's tour thanks to winning a copy of the book from Mirathon. Thanks so much Mir!

There's not a lot of Christian Sci-fi to my knowledge, but this effort makes up for it! Firebird is a trilogy, so I will talk about each book over the 3 days of the tour.

Firebird is also the name of the initial book in the series. We follow Lady Firebird Angelo, born in a royal family on the planet Netaia. Normally this would be a good thing, but not on a planet that encourages ritual suicide for excess nobility. Netaia has a tradition that only two heirs can live a full life, but other children are conceived just in case something happens. Since Firebird falls after older sisters Carradee and Phoena, she is trained in the royal Navy. She leads an attack on a neighboring planet, and if she can't die in battle, she is expected to do away with herself to appease the "Powers".

On the other side of the battle is Brennan Caldwell, a Federate officer who is a member of a mysterious race called Sentinals. His people are looked to for protection, but are also feared because of their unique abilities and tragic past. Caldwell swears himself to obedience to the Holy One, and works to prevent upheaval from the Shuhr, an off-shoot of his people that are interested in conquest and immortality.

Firebird and Caldwell are brought together in an explosive time, and their adventures hurl Firebird toward her destiny, one that she did not imagine was possible. Netaia and the Federation hang in the balance.

The opening book moves quickly to hook you into Firebird's world. The details of Netaian society are dizzying in their complexity. I always admire sci-fi and fantasy writers because they have to create their own worlds, and Kathy Tyers deserves special notice for the work she puts forth here. She builds tension, characterization, and action neatly through the first half of the book, so that you are compelled to finish the book quickly. The inner tension is as exciting as the explosians and battles. The book does not disappoint in its ending.

Overall this book is an excellent read and a great introduction to this series. I read most of it over traveling in Germany, and I was always pressing for time in our journey to slip a little more reading in.

I encourage you to check out others on the tour below, as they will have different insights to share. Be sure to catch up with Fusion Fire tomorrow!

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  1. Thanks for the review Jason! I'm currently reading it myself and I'm hooked. Thank goodness my kids wanted to swim so long in the pool today. I got a good chunk read!

  2. So glad you enjoyed your "prize", Jason-babe.