Thursday, August 10, 2006


In my description of this blog, I mention it being a blog about "life, faith, and writing". Life is obvious, and I think the faith part is pretty clear as well. What about the writing part?

Well, I have had a couple book reviews and discussion of Christian fiction topics. There is a reason I am interested in this. I have a little secret to share. Come closer...

I want to be a writer.


Probably not. I think aspiring to be a writer is a very common thing. Seems like everyone had a novel in them. Now everyone wants to write a memoir - not because we've had all terribly interesting lives, but it is easier to make things up to make it absorbing (a la James Frey).

I know several of the people who stop by here are buddies from a site called faith*in*fiction, so they would realize this. In fact, it was all the people from f*i*f that were blogging that made me want to check this out.

I've always enjoyed writing, and have been told I'm a good writer often. However, I know that just having some compliments doesn't make one a writer. I have been working on my craft slowly since I started this journey a couple of years ago. It has been an interesting story, I think at least. I hope now to hone my skills and use them to glorify God and further His kingdom, whether it be writing an engaging blog, having articles published, or even someday penning that novel.

I will share a little more about this journey presently. Until then, remember that God is good!


  1. God IS good. Wonderful way to close a post!

    And, not a secret. Because, after all, you ARE a writer. For all I knew you were shopping your novel from publisher to publisher and collecting rejection letters like a bunch of the rest of us. Hahah.

    Actually sounds like you're going about it the right way, the wy I'd do it if I could start over. Learn the craft, practice the craft, all the while building the platform. THEN the novel.

    Yep, sounds sound! ;-)


  2. Writing, hard. Writing, cool. Writing, illuminating.
    Writing, cruel.
    Writing is not for just any old fool.
    Writing, me. Writing, you.
    Writing, cool.

    Okay, muchly bad beat-ish poetry.

    It's the submitting and rejection part that really suckaroos. But Christian writers are mighty good company for the mind and soul.


    Happy writing, bro.