Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Auf Wiedersehen

Well, goodbye to Germany!

We are home after a long day of traveling. At least I think we are home. Jet lag can make things seem quite surreal. I don't know how our kids adjust so well - they aren't even acting tired (it is 4 am in Berlin, whereas it is 8 pm here).

We had a wonderful time in Germany, exploring and having adventures with our Lord. I will be posting more through this week on our experiences and what we've taken away from it, as well as what we hope to apply to our lives here on out.

I don't want to leave y'all hanging about Calling All Nations. The event was powerful and joyous. I've never seen 20,000+ worshipping Jesus before, and let me tell you that is is a spectacular sight. God moved in many ways that day, and we are excited to hear reports about it both in our lives and in heaven! Photobucket helped me put together a few photos of CAN, so you can see for yourselves. Unfortunately, it was one of those things where you "had to be there". Bless you Noel Richards, and all of the many people who helped bring this to fruition.

Note: I've posted more about CAN on the main blog since this date, so I invite you to check it out. Also, I'd love to have comments from people who were there! Bless you all, and thanks again to Noel for posting this link!


  1. Thanks for being here!
    Calling all Nations was a really great event.
    I think that our God, one joy-waters, on this day, in its eye had.
    Bless you and see you in Budapest or where Calling all Nations will be.
    You found more pic´s about CAN on http://www.himmelszeuge.de

    In JESUS love.
    Nicole & Oliver

  2. It was an electrifying event. A sea of 20,000 worshippers who worshipped for about 10 hours. Flags, dancers, musicians and singers from all over the world praising God. Imagine what heaven will be like!

    In gods name