Saturday, July 08, 2006

Football Fever

In America, we have a weird game called "football". It is curious, because in it the players rarely use their feet. They dress in armor, and play for maybe 10-20 seconds at a time before grouping up and taking a break to talk about what to do next.

Then there is FOOTBALL. Americans for some reason call it "soccer". Now this is a game that can claim the name football. The players dance and spin with the ball like a ballet, yet they knock each other around to a bloody pulp sometimes. Onlz in football can a 1-0 game be exciting.

As the World Cup is going on in Germany as we are here, there is a fever among the people. World Series? Super Bowl? Pheh. Pretenders, all of them. Nothing matches the enthusiasm and devotion in sports like football does to Europeans, especially the Germans. Several times this week, at 9 pm things have closed as the game of the night comes on.

Germany was heartbroken this week as they lost to Italy. But tonight they are cheering again as Deutschland is up 1-0 on Portugal as I type. It is an infectious passion.

Yet we pray that these fine people hear recognize the true Champion, and will turn their powerful devotion to Him. That is our heart as we head toward Berlin to worship the King of kings in Olymipic stadium with 25,000 Christians from 25 nations on July 15th. We anticipate a time of heaven opening up over the formerly divided city, to shine Glory down. Please pray that He will be lifted up, and that a fresh move of God will sweep from Berlin to Germany throughout Europe and around the world!!!

Until next time (I must go, as Germany just scored again and I'm missing it).


  1. Jane Reader4:44 PM

    God bless you all and the incredible work you are doing! Love to you all, especially Peggy!!

  2. Brian Lee8:54 AM

    It sounds like y'all are having a great time. Praise God! But the Germans need to understand that when God saw how Europeans played "football," he brought a small group of special people to a New World and eventually taught them how to play it right!

  3. After Gemany got eliminated (the last of hubby's teams) he just stopped caring. I'm not happy that cheating Italy won, but, as hubby says, "What? You wanted France to win?" hahahah

    I hope many got more than entertained: I hope they got saved.