Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Scene for the Beans

On July 5th, I invite you to check out the newest blog on the web, the Scenes and Beans. It is the place for all of the happenings in Kanner Lake, Idaho. The blog is hosted by Bailey Truitt, the proprietor for the Java Joint, the local coffee hangout. She has invited many of her regulars, the colorful folk of Kanner Lake, to post guest blogs as well. Get the dirt on bypass surgery from Wilbur Hicks. Hear all the gossip in town from the local newspaper reporter Leslie Brymes. Dishing folksy wisdom will be Pastor Hank Detcher.

Kanner Lake is a beautiful place, the kind of place that can attract families and newcomers and make them feel at home. You wouldn't think at all that such a lovely place could be the site of suspense and mayhem...

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