Monday, March 07, 2011

Stop Human Trafficking

This blog has long made a point of highlighting the plight of human trafficking. The world is slowly growing in awareness about how big this problem has become. It is worse in scope at this time than at the height of the African slave trade.

When I saw CNN launching their Freedom Project highlighting the evils of human trafficking today, I was excited. The global resources of CNN added to the other work done by fine organizations can only bring more light to these dark areas.

I've redesigned my sidebar to the right, collecting links for organizations that fight human trafficking together and placing it more prominently in the list. Small changes, to be sure. I will link to updates from CNN and others as they come.

I encourage everyone reading this to consider participating with me in the Fast for Freedom sponsored by the Not for Sale Campaign. It is being held this Sunday, March 13 around the globe. Talk to your friends about it. Bring it up at church. Consider fasting - remembering the victims in prayer and donating the cost of eating that day to a group that fights this evil.
See Not for Sale Campaign for details

I am making my pledge today. Will you join me?

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  1. Thanks so much for blogging about Not For Sale and the Fast For Freedom! Love it! Follow us on Twitter: @not_for_sale