Monday, March 21, 2011

CSFF Tour - The Resurrection Day 1

Now THIS should be interesting!

The CSFF Tour for March is featuring my blogging buddy Mike Duran (of Decompose fame) and his first book, The Resurrection.

I have to say, some of the most interesting tours and best books that we've reviewed in the CSFF Tour have one thing in common. No, it's not that they're speculative fiction - that category is too wide (sci-fi, fantasy, supernatural suspense, etc).

It is the fact that they are controversial.

Last year we featured Lost Mission by Athol Dickson. It was a complex book both in its writing structure and its themes. Some loved it (like me), and others responses ranged from didn't like to not being able to recommend due to theological issues. 

Mike has been a prolific blogger who asks hard questions about the world of Christian fiction and whether its boundaries are too narrow. It is no surprise that his own fiction pushes said boundaries. I don't think in any way he is trying to do it out of a rebellious spirit - the flow of the story naturally takes him places, and he doesn't dodge the hard stuff.

I've already reviewed the book here, so I invite you to check it out. Tuesday and Wednesday I will be running an interview with Mike, and he has some thought-provoking answers. I'm also interested in what the other tourmates have to say. I'll leave today with my own synopsis of The Resurrection, and you can check out the other good folks on the tour below it.

Reverend Ian Clark is ready to resign his post at Canyon Springs Community Church, being haunted in multiple ways by failures in his past and by his rising doubt. Ruby Case is a young mother with a lifelong limp, a steadfast faith, yet a weariness that there is not more life in their church.

Little does Ruby know how she will help bring life back to Canyon Springs.

When she visits the funeral of a friend's young son, she isn't expecting a miracle. But when the boy sits up after she touches him, a firestorm is lit in this quiet California town. Some people come to Ruby for their own miracle. Some denounce her and the resurrection as a fraud.

Rev. Clark must wrestle with his questions, while both he and Ruby find that other forces do not take kindly to invasion of their dark territory. As the back copy of the book states: When the dead come back to life, someone must pay the price...

One more thing - many of the participants got a free review copy. I paid cold hard cash for this. So my opinion is my own. Thank you. (So is their opinion, they're great people here)
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  1. Anonymous2:05 PM

    Looking forward to that interview. I hope you give us your thoughts about the book at some point, too, Jason.


  2. LOL Jason, love the zombie shirt. "Mmmm, bwains..." er "*sigh* PBJ"

    I enjoy your blog by the way. I've read several of your posts, and they've made me chuckle. I tend to read at lunch break tho, and for some reason can't post comments on the work net.

  3. Jessica, I'd get one of those zombie shirts for my boys, but my wife probably wouldn't appreciate them. She hates that I introduced them to the Jonathan Coulter song "RE: Your Brains".

    Thanks for the compliment on the blog! I have problems with posting on certain blogs at work as well, so I know how that goes. Be sure to check back for Mike's interview. Should be good!