Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Thankfully, the Aliens Repelled the Zombie Attack...

...but that still left us open to abduction.

OK, not much of an April Fools here, but I do have a little announcement. Later this month the CFBA blog tour will be featuring the latest book from Ted Dekker: BoneMan's Daughters. This is a special book for Dekker, according to his blog, and to celebrate, I will be able to give away not one, not two, but THREE copies of BoneMan's Daughters. How about that? And that is NOT an April Fools prank.

So I encourage you to keep coming back, as I'll have more about this later in the month.

Assuming the aliens are done with me by then...


  1. Sounds like another interesting book from Dekker, looking forward to the review. Just popping by from teh CSFF Blog Tour!

  2. I read the premise for this novel ... SCARY!

    Looks like Dekker's got another thriller here.