Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Blogging Via Cutlass

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O-o-okay. We're continuing the CSFF tour featuring George Bryan Polivka's book Blaggard's Moon. I've got a few special guests with me. Spinner Sleeve and his boys have, um, commandeered this blog and...OUCH. Hey!

Yak too much, and ye'll be shorter than ye already are. Don't be expectin' any help soon. Jus' do as we say, n' this'll be over n' done. If ye want to be smack solid sure to end this here "bloggin'" career, then open yer yap some more.

Ye told us about The Legend of the Firefish and The Hand that Bears the Sword the day before. What do ye have fer us now?

Uh, just a second guys...

The Trophy Chase trilogy culminates in The Battle for Nearing Vast. Packer and Panna Throme are thrust into leadership to save their kingdom from the invading Drammune forces. As Panna tries to navigate the serpentine politics at home, Packer boards the Trophy Chase one more time to sail into the heart of the enemy. The Hezzan of Drammune, the ultimate leader of that warlike nation, wants the secret of the Firefish, but will Packer be able to give that secret away?

Get to the fights!

Straight away! As the climax of the first book ended in the waters of the Achawuk Islands, the feeding ground of the Firefish, so the third book winds its way to these fateful isles, where the final confrontation will occur and Packer has one more surprise in store.

The momentum that Polivka built with the first two books carries him full sails into the gripping finale. After enjoying the twists and turns of the second book, I couldn't turn away from finishing, and it was a worthy tale for pub master and priest alike. The surprise wasn't too much of one, but he did a good job of tying up the loose ends from the series in a satisfying way. The Epilogue may have been a little too "romantic," but I'm a sucker for happy endings.

Overall, the Trophy Case trilogy starts a little slow, but rich and elegant in language and description. As the wind blows through the three books, the action and suspense builds into a wholly satisfying tale. If you like pirates or fantasy, these are books in the CBA realm that shouldn't be missed.

Is that good, guys?

I suppose. Ye share the same annoyin' flowry words with Ham Drumbone. But we reckon the point is made - this feller Polivka is a worthy pirate storyteller. Don't think yer off the hook yet. Jes sit tight until tomorrow, and we'll be seein' if ye can wrap this up to our likin'. The lads here are gettin' ready fer a little action.

There's others in the tour. See here for a list of updated blogs. And I'll wrap up tomorrow, if I can keep these fine fellows entertained. Cribbage anyone?



  1. Anonymous7:00 PM

    Thanks for the nice synopsis of the Trophy Chase trilogy, Jason. Good luck with the houseguests. :)

  2. Great post Jason, fascinating look at the trilogy (which I haven't read yet). Nice accent to! Writing a pirate book ARRR ya? : )