Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Writing Resources - Day 6

(For anybody keeping track, day 4 of this discussion is called "Double Duty")

As I've been talked about writing resources, I've been focusing on books on writing. Of course there are numerous other helps available, and I'd like to point out some free resources on the web today. Many of these are listed in my right sidebar, but I'll discuss them today.

1. Forensics and Faith. Brandilyn Collins is Christian fiction's suspense specialist. She is also a wonderful woman who really gives of herself. Her blog has gone through many discussions of fiction techniques. She's covered action sequences, POV, voice. One special feature was when a reader submitted an action scene where BC walked us through an edit of it. Check out the left sidebar for links to the particular subjects.

2. Faith*in*Fiction. Dave Long is a fiction acquistion editor at Bethany House. He started the blog to draw in people who might have work that fit the company, but he also put out some helpful discussions on the craft of fiction, as well as discussions on the business of publishing. He hasn't been too active lately (shame Mr. Long...), but check out the right sidebar for links. Also see the f*i*f discussion board, with many helpful writers who discuss topics.

3. Novel Journey. This wonderful site interviews numerous authors, discussing writing highs and lows. Lately the ladies of NJ have had some intrepid readers submit chapters to be critiqued for all to see. Helpful to see a constructive critique, which to me keys me in to blind spots I may have.

4. Notes on Craft. This is a work of J. Mark Bertrand, a writer and thinker. This blog discusses aspects of the craft of fiction. He always posts thoughtful insights into the process.

5. The Writing Life. Terry Whalin is an agent who has worked as an editor and writer as well. His site is part marketing, but he has a lot of helpful advice, and I check here regularly. His companion site is Right Writing.

6. A Christian Worldview of Fiction. Becky Miller is behind this site, and she has been a big encouragement to me. She writes about the craft of fiction, but also challenges Christian writers about the HEART of what Christian fiction should be about. There are always thoughtful discussions here. She is also the head cheerleader for the sub-genre of Christian science fiction and fantasy, organizer of the CSFF blog tour, and all around busy person. She also contributes to Speculative Faith, a blog dedicated to CSFF.

7. Charis Connection. This is a blog of a group of Christian fiction writers, who share insight from their own experience in the publishing world. There is great encouragement here, as well as challenges in the craft.

This is a VERY small sample of the resources out there for writers. I wanted to highlight some that I enjoy and use. If you know of other links that would go well here, please share them in the comments. I have a little more to share on writing resources in the next day or two, then I'll have to come up with another idea for posts! Aieee!


  1. I love all those sites you mentioned. Thanks for putting NJ among them!

  2. Thanks for the link to ACWoF, Jason, and for your kind words! This is a very good series.

    I don't know if you want to include marketing in this series, but a site I would recommend is Ron Estrada's blog.


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  4. I'm familar with most of these and they're great resources. I'd also like to add Light for the Writer's Soul by Victoria Gaines at http://victoriagaines.com/index.php She offers loads of inspirational quotes on writing.