Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Double Duty

It's always nice when you can kill two birds with one stone. Or two topics with one blog post. So today I give you the Christian Sci-Fi and Fantasy blog tour/Books on Writing smash up post!

The CSFF is featuring writer Randy Ingermanson and his book Double Vision. Randy is a Christy award winning novelist who can provide you with many fulfilling experiences. Like stories on time travel? Ingermanson. Outer space/trips to Mars? He's your man. Romance suspense with a scientific twist? RAN-DY!

How about a plethora of writing advice, for FREE?

Look no further than Randall Ingermanson.

Now I was a little deficient for this tour. I had books swirling around my desk, mocking me that I had not made time for them. With all the distraction, I did not get an oppportunity to read Double Vision. For reviews of this book, see fellow tour participants Janey DeMeo, John W. Otte, and Karri Compton for starters. April Erwin is having a contest to win a free copy of the book!

My main experience, like many others, is through Randy's teachings on fiction writing. This is why today's post does double duty, cover both the CSFF tour and writing resources. He doesn't have a book per se. However, he has a lot of free resources on his site Advanced Fiction Writing. He is famous for his Snowflake Method, an excellent way of organizing your work to bring it to manageable levels. On the top of that link he has numerous other links that discuss helpful aspects of fiction craft. I heartily encourage you to take advantage of these resources. He also has a free e-zine on writing and marketing that continues to give helpful examples and teaching. You can't go wrong by taking advantage of the free stuff!

For more on Randy Ingersmanson, see my tourmates below.

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