Wednesday, May 29, 2013

CSFF Tour - Merlin's Blade Day 2

The CSFF Tour is featuring our own Robert Treskillard and his debut YA novel Merlin's Blade, just released.

I have been excited to read this book ever since I heard that he got his publishing deal. Unfortunately, this month was full of training and certification at work, so I will be reading it a little later in the summer and posting a review at that time. In the meantime, I have arranged for a guest reviewer to share his thoughts on Merlin's Blade.

My twelve year old son Nathan.

He is an avid reader who finished the Lord Of The Rings set and The Hobbit earlier this year. As a young adult who is the target audience, I thought he'd be the perfect stand-in for me and this tour. So here are his thoughts. He's not quite done, but here's his straight forward thoughts.

Merlin's Blade
A stone hypnotizes people and the druids try to use it to control people.  Merlin may be the only person to be able to stop them.
First off I want to say that it has been a very fun book to read.
And I really like the dynamic of Merlin being blind, and seeing him grow as a character because I really like what the author did with him. The fact he is blind makes it a big conflict for him. It’s not something you usually read.
But I do wish that Garth was used more; he seemed to be a fun character.

I also like the romance with Merlin and Natalya, and the relationship with Merlin and his father.
So I really want to keep on reading to find out the secret about the druidow stone.
And I keep on wondering what those visions mean so it’s definitely a book that you want to keep on reading.   

There you go. You can see other tourmates below for more on Merlin's Blade. I'm excited for more to come from Robert.

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I received a promotional copy from the publisher, for which I'm grateful but will not guarantee a good review. Chocolate on the other hand may help things along...

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  1. Great review! Tell your son thank you on my behalf!