Tuesday, May 28, 2013

CSFF Tour - Merlin's Blade Day 1

Welcome to medieval England for the May feature of the Christian Sci-fi and Fantasy Tour. We are featuring our own member Robert Treskillard and his debut YA novel, Merlin's Blade

Robert's been with us a long time, and I've enjoyed interacting with him throughout the years. More importantly, I'm so excited that we are able to feature him after so much hard work.

From Amazon:
In Robert Treskillard's take on the Arthurian legends, young Merlin is faced with the challenge of saving his country and those he loves when a mysterious, and dangerous, stone falls from the sky. 
Partially blinded years ago, Merlin is a timid swordsmith who wants nothing more than to live a quiet life and win the hand of Natalenya, the beautiful and kind daughter of a magistrate. But after he and his friend Garth encounter a strange stone in the wood, one protected by druids, Merlin receives a series of visions and prophecies that he is to save his land and his Christian faith from a dark force. As the power of the stone grows and threatens his family and friends, Merlin is forced to embrace his calling---for he may be the only one immune to the stone's power.
Touching on multiple elements of the classic Arthur story---from the Lady of the Lake, the creation of Excalibur, the sword in the stone, and the rescue of Arthur himself---this fantasy tale will appeal to young adults looking for adventure and a hint of romance, as well as adults who enjoy the classic tale this series is based on.

I'll have more on the book tomorrow, but I want to point you to his blog for a special contest he's having. The grand prize winner gets a sword created by Robert himself. Wow. I might have to learn how to spin cloth or something. Oh, you'll have to see this post for the rules.

You can find more information at his blog or author site, and see my tourmates below for their thoughts as well.

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