Tuesday, April 23, 2013

CSFF Blog Tour - Broken Wings Day 2

Onto the review.

The CSFF Tour is featuring Shannon Dittemore and her latest book,  Broken Wings, the second book in the Angel Eyes trilogy. I did a synopsis of the book yesterday.

Shannon nailed her debut novel Angel Eyes with a strong voice for her protagonist Brielle, an intriguing premise, and a different take on the idea of spiritual warfare and dealing with angels and demons. The sophomore slump is always a concern for writers.

Thankfully, Shannon kept up the strong work in Broken Wings. A bold choice was the initial setting: hell. An angel especially designed for reconnaissance is peeking into a demonic conference when the adversary from the first novel, Damien, is allowed to return to Stratus, Oregon, to see if he can corrupt Brielle and her boyfriend Jake.

From there the intrigue continued. Brielle has grown from when we first met her, but more obstacles are making life harder than before. The progression of Brielle is nicely handled. Her doubts and fears are realistic and deftly shown. She has experienced faith, but is still new in it and learning how to walk in faith.

YA novels are their own genre, with the sub-categories of fantasy, romance, or since the Twilight novels took off, paranormal or supernatural romance. I read a lot of YA having boys that read a lot, and Shannon does a great job of capturing a younger voice. Now, my boys don't read romance, but I have really enjoyed Jenny B. Jones in the past, a writer that has a wonderful voice with sass and a real touch for the romantic. I think Shannon is right there with that type of romance that will appeal to the young women looking for quality reads.

The book was a very enjoyable read for anyone who enjoys a look at the supernatural or a YA romance. I've said it before: good writing is good writing. That's what Shannon delivers, and I don't mind saying that I really like her books. Heck, I handed over my man card the last time we featured her.

There's another major aspect to the book I'd like to address apart from this review, but I think that can wait for tomorrow. If you're looking for more, Becky Miller always keeps the latest and greatest from the tour on her blog. And no CSFF Tour is complete without Steve Trower's post of songs that match the book. Theme: Broken Wings. Check that out, and I'll be back with final thoughts...


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