Monday, February 27, 2012

Twenty Seven Million

February 27.

Twenty-seven million.

The rough estimates (rough because the criminals behind this don't advertise their numbers specifically) for human trafficking are 27-30 million people around the world under some form of modern-day slavery.

The word is getting out more and more. My church joined with thousands of others yesterday for Freedom Sunday, and it was a great blessing.

There are many quality organizations out there who are doing work in various avenues to combat human trafficking. One such group is The A21 Campaign, with a specific focus on Greece and eastern Europe. A comment on their website suggests 80% of their work is awareness - letting people know about the problem and shining the light so that those who hide in the dark with this evil have no place left to cower.

To this end, A21 has partnered with one of the most well-known names in the modern worship movement - Matt and Beth Redman. Along with British hip-hop group LZ7, the Redmans have created a song called "Twenty Seven Million." The video below was shot when the song debuted at the recent Passion conference.

Today for Missions Monday I have a simple request that can raise awareness for human trafficking. Go to iTunes or Amazon and download the single "Twenty Seven Million" that debuts today in the UK and Australia, and tomorrow in the US. [UPDATE: It is now available in the US!] For the price of a Coca-Cola you can get a song that stirs the soul and lets the world know that we are growing in our knowledge and desire to fight for those who are in bondage to slavery.

Let's lift our voice for the 27 million!

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