Monday, February 06, 2012


Did you know that the best numbers for modern-day slavery come up with a figure of 27 million people in bondages?

The scourge of human trafficking is alive and well around the world, from brothels in southeast Asia to brick mills in India, from indentured servitude in Middle Eastern countries to a sexually-exploited youth or economic slave in the USA.

It is a passion of mine to see this problem overcome, and I will work to get the word out on the problem and ways to make a difference.

International Justice Mission is one organization that works with countries to enforce laws within that country to help victims find freedom from illegal activities. Pretty much every country has laws against slavery, but if there is no one willing to prosecute or investigate, traffickers can have free reign. IJM assists in this particular area, along with aftercare for victims and educating lawmakers and enforcers.

They are holding a campaign to get 27,000 signatures for a petition to President Obama - one signature standing in for 1000 victims of slavery. The letter asks him to take four actions to help in the fight:
1. Taking a stand by mentioning it in his 2012 U.N. address.
2. Working to get slavery out of U.S. supply chains.
3. Providing diplomatic support for other countries' efforts to combat trafficking.
4. Making sure we fund the fight to support efforts.

They are close to their goal. I am asking readers of this blog to take a few minutes from your day to click on the banner below and sign the letter. It is a simple act to stand with the oppressed, and it will help keep the U.S. in the forefront of the battle.

Thank you!
Sign Your Name Stand For Freedom

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