Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cover Art

Cover art for a book can make or break the success of it. If it fits the tone of the book and communicates that special "read me" to the customer. I've picked up many books just by the attraction to the front of the book.

I just received a book that I'll be reviewing later for the CFBA: Eternity Falls by Kirk Outerbridge. It is listed as "A Rick Macey Cyberthriller," and it is published by Marcher Lord Press. I've blogged about MLP before, when the independent publisher first launched. It is a unique venture in Christian fiction, and I wanted to highlight it again by noting the cover.

The cover of this book is so professional-looking. I didn't realize when I requested the book it was from MLP. Seeing it on the table when I got home from work, I looked it over with anticipation. Then I noted the MLP logo on the back. This is not the cover for a typical independent publisher. It truly is top-notch. Obviously I haven't read a word, since it just arrived, but I think the cover matches the description of the back-copy perfectly.

I'm looking forward to this book, and I'll have a review in November. I wanted to highlight the professional job Marcher Lord Press and Jeff Gerke is doing with the novels being produced. Keep your eye on this publisher - it seems he is doing something special.


  1. Jason, I ordered and received the novel for CFBA, too, and it's well done inside and out. I also appreciated how quickly they sent it out since lately I've had to hustle through the last few due to late arrivals.

    May I just add one comment though? The stigma associated with "independent publisher" should be no more. If an author wants to get a book done right, truly professionally, there no longer has to be the cheap imitation of a "real" book. WinePress Publishing or Pleasant Word POD division puts out a totally professional product second to none including royalty publishing. Kudos to Jeff Gerke for producing a good product. Independent self or custom publishers no longer have to take a backseat as far as production of the product. As soon as people determine that at least some of their writers are second to none either, it'll be a banner day for these hard working publishers/presses.

  2. Nicole,
    I agree totally about the "independent publisher" stigma. That was the point I was trying to make, just not very well. It used to be that you could pick these books out easily. There are still lousy covers out there, but if an outfit like Marcher Lord Press can continue its high standards so far, it won't get mistaken for some two-bit outfit.