Monday, October 26, 2009

Asking Batgirl for a Date - Part 1

So this is a blog that deals in large part with fiction and writing. You may ask, "Does this dude ever do more than talk about writing?"

Sometimes I do.

I do have a major work-in-progress, but with four kids and life in general, I can't say that I'm going strong. I seem to write in spurts, which I know is not the disciplined writer's life. A friend recently gave me some motivation though, so I hope to make some real progress this winter.

Still, I wanted to offer proof that I do write. Recently I had a silly little encounter inspire a goofy short story. Nothing too deep or profound, except a desire to make someone smile. Without further ado, I give you part one of "Asking Batgirl for a Date."


I must have been desperate.

Even though no one could see my green tights and pointy shoes in the beat-up minivan, I still felt like dying every time I passed a car. My jacket camouflaged my upper body, but I knew how dorky I looked underneath.

My cousin Matt was so excited when he called three weeks ago. “Dude, I won tickets to the San Diego/Dallas game at the new Cowboys Stadium in December. Dad said I could take you if you can get down here.”

No way!

I'd been a Cowboys fan since I was five years old, and I'd been waiting to see a game there as long as I can remember. After twelve years, I wasn't going to miss this game.

Then reality landed.

My folks would let me go, but there was no money in the budget for a plane ticket. If I could earn the money, then it was a deal.

Too bad I'd blown all my summer lawn mowing money on a new MP3 player. I guess I could listen to the game...

No big. I'd get a job. Fall meant no more lawn jobs, but I'd do anything for the cash.

If there was anything.

I hit every place in town over the next two and a half weeks. No one was hiring, at least not a teenager. With the bad economy, too many people hunted for a paycheck.

Time ticked away. Halftime to the game, and I had nothing. I considered panhandling, but “Will work for a ticket to Dallas” probably wasn't the best tactic.

Trudging through the mall after another rejection, I stumbled across a new store needing help. Their busy season loomed, and the manager wanted me to start right away.


Except for the uniform.

To be continued...

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