Wednesday, March 04, 2009

My Treasure

I came across this while cleaning out some files. I thought I'd share it, rather than have it sit around. I wrote it in 1995 while I was in the School of Biblical Studies with Youth With a Mission in Canberra, Australia.


Lord, where is my treasure? It is not where it should be. I had it all in hand, so that You would not have to worry about me.

I considered, "What will be the best? I do want to take care." Perhaps it would be wise to spread my treasure around. "Diversify," the money-man says. And if some disappears, I will have the rest to come back to, in my need of the days.

So I proceeded with my plan. I looked about, and I saw people cross my gaze. What a beginning-my fellow man. I then gave of my treasure: a man, a woman, relationships special and dear. But when I came searching, there was none to be found. Portions were gone, not to be returned, others strewn on the ground. "I am fortunate though, I have more." So I moved to my next trove.

What will make a mark in this world? What I can do, my knowledge, my talents, my potential. Of course I deposited a cache there. It was all in my power. But treasure was lost in each dream unfulfilled. Who can reach all their expectations? Not one, I'm afraid. More treasure in ruin, and less to get me by.

"I must take care of myself," was another consideration of mine. We only have one body to carry us through. It made sense, therefore, some treasure would stay with me. My strength, my mind, my pleasures were investments of sure benefit. Yet I am just flesh and mortal, no force in my own. The tears and the years each steal their own share. And from all of my efforts, my treasure was gone.

Lord, please tell me what happened! I thought my treasure was so secure. This was not supposed to take place; now all I am is broken.

My Lord spoke to me, "My child, now you will see. It is not in yourself that your treasure is protected. You were never asked to defend and stand your ground. My heart, My hand has always been available to cover what is precious to you. But only in your point of loss would you realize your fraility.

Now your treasure will be laid up in heaven-from My throne it will be guarded. It was never a burden for me, to be the watcher of your soul. Now you can rest in My delight, and know that you will find My inheritance for you!"

Inspired by the Gospel of Luke, chapter 12, verses 22-34.

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