Sunday, December 09, 2007

Pray for Victims of YWAM Colorado Shooting

"Once a YWAMer, always a YWAMer."

Many groups can say this, but attending a program through Youth With a Mission is always life-changing. This is why my heart is so heavy today as I read about the shooting that occurred at a YWAM training center in Arvada, Colorado. It happened early in the morning of 12/9/07. So far there are two staff members confirmed dead, and two others wounded. One of the wounded is in critical condition and is slated for more surgery today.

It is always a tragedy when innocent life is taken, no matter the circumstances. I have prayed for the families of the Omaha mall incident earlier this week, and I also grieve for those who go missing in large cities anonymously every day. It is unavoidable that some situations hit us more as individuals than others.

I was just looking over pictures of my own time in YWAM, so the thought of what those young people were doing when this happened is very fresh in my mind. As of this writing, the killer has not been apprehended, and there is little information as far as motive.

Please pray for the families of those who were injured and killed. Pray for the healing of the wounded. Pray for justice. Pray for those who have survived and the people in Arvada. Pray for YWAM, as a global family they will be grieving as well.

Lord, we don't know why these things happen. We don't understand. But we can trust in Your great faithfulness, grace, and mercy. I pray for the wounded to be healed by Your touch. I pray for those who died, that they will realize the reward You have prepared for them. I pray that Your strength will be evident to all those at the YWAM Arvada center and for YWAMers around the world.

In Your great name Jesus, Amen.

For more information, see the MSNBC link, and YWAM has limited information at this time.

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  1. Jason - I am in California, having recently moved here from Colorado, where I lived for more than 20 years. I can picture the cold, the grief, the fear, the knitting together, and the determined hope. Your thoughts were beautifully expressed, and your prayer honest. We don't understand; we can't. We can trust, and we can offer thanks to God that He helps us turn to Him for comfort and then meets our needs. We can pray for the turning of other hearts to Him as well. But understanding why, in the face of all of the violence in this past week? That is beyond us. I join with you in your prayers today. May we all hold tight to Him. Blessings, Allie