Monday, December 03, 2007

Book Recommendations

I'm taking a little break from reviewing books for blog tours. The biggest thing was that the books for December and January weren't ones I was interested in reading or reviewing. However, I have been in a mode of continually having reading obligations. I enjoy the reading of a variety of things, and it is great to participate and get books. I found that I wasn't able to read other books that may interest me due to my commitments.

I'll keep highlighting books for the CFBA and CSFF tours here through those months, so I can add to the internet buzz. I'll continue to post relating fiction. I just want to branch my reading out a little bit.

There's several books I already know I want to read. I have Gilead, always touted as a must read. I would like to start Rene Gutteridge's Boo series. I have an adventure by Tom Morrisey. I need to get into Fugitives of Chaos by John C. Wright. To borrow a quote from a friend, "my to-be-read pile threatens low-flying aircraft."

I'm also looking to read some other books outside of areas I'm not usually reading. Can you believe I've never read Dean Koontz? I'd like to check out one of his. Anyone have any recommendations regarding him? I'd prefer more on the suspense side than horror. I've had one person recommend Odd Thomas. Any other suggestions for Koontz? How about general fiction overall? I'm actually trying to stay away from CBA books for a month, to see what else is going on in publishing.

What say you people? Can you help me out?


  1. Can't help you outside of CBA unless you want to go back to the classics.

    However, I'm interested in which Tom Morrisey novel you plan to read and definitely recommend In High Places.

  2. Consider me your friendly neighborhood Dean Koontz expert.

    I would actually label very few of his books as horror. He hates that label so much that he almost wished he'd never written Phantoms which is very good by the way. He is cross-genre. Mixing elements of many to almost create his own genre.

    Here's the low down:

    Watchers is the best novel I've ever read.

    From the Corner of His Eye is a masterpeice. Sort of a literary suspense thriller.


    Other notables:

    Mr. Murder
    The Taking

    I've yet to read the Odd Thomas trio (only because I try to avoid 1st person while I'm writing) Many have lauded the first one as one of his best works.

  3. Btw Mark.

    Just read your profile.

    I used to be a huge King's X fan before they turned to the dark side.

    Faith, Hope, Love and Out of the Silent Planet are two of the best albums ever.

  4. I think Koontz is very talented, but his books almost always have some element to them that is extremely weird, usually a weird character. It's pretty much his trademark, but sometimes I find it off-putting. I think Intensity is my favorite of his novels. Very suspenseful.

    I've really been enjoying the books of Lee Child and Harlan Coben lately. They're both mystery writers.

  5. Dayle,
    BTW, I'm Jason ;).

    Thanks for the suggestions! I'm going to keep those in mind when I go to the library.

    King's X - those albums rock. When did they go to the dark side though?

    Loved In High Places, planning to read Dark Fathom.

    Thanks for the suggestions.

  6. Come on Jason, you're saying I can't call you Mark?

    King's X went crazy shortly after the album with Black Flag.

    Strange lyrics, album covers, not to mention statements. I'm making these accusations on memory alone, so some refresher research is recommended.

    If I'm not mistaken, they sort of recanted their Christianity.

  7. I really enjoyed Dark Fathom, but if you read it, you have to read Deep Blue, too, because it's more or less the sequel. And you know what? The female character in Deep Blue reminds me a bit of your female heroine. Yucatan Deep was entertaining, but I preferred the Beck Easton protag. Yeah, In High Places is a very special book.