Monday, August 13, 2007

Friends in the Blogosphere

My 15 year old nephew gave me a funny look on Saturday when I showed him how many people visit my blog via MapStats.

"I don't get why people blog. That's something I'll never do."

I didn't smack him because he is 15 and has a big mouth, (actually, I don't know what came over me - I usually take any or even no excuse to smack him) instead I shook my head at his lack of understanding.

It is pretty amazing how the blogosphere can create friendships. I guess I shouldn't be amazed. I'm a computer geek and have done chatting, forums, etc. Anyway, I wanted to highlight a few new blogs that I've come to enjoy so we can all be one big happy family. Or drive each other nuts. Wait, isn't that the same thing...

OK, on with the introductions:

Marcus Goodyear at Goodwordediting has good writing and business tips along with spiritual insight. He is a professional editor, so he knows his stuff and is worth checking out.

Mark Harbeson at Utter Drivel seems like he could be my twin - except that he likes the Philadelphia Eagles, so that would make him my evil twin (Go Cowboys!). He's got a cute family and blogs about life and such.

Nicole Petrino-Salter over at Into the Fire. This is totally complimentary: she is like a prophetic voice to the world of Christian fiction, sometimes pointing out inconsistencies with the way CBA business is run and Kingdom living. Her posts are passionate and challenging.

Heather Goodman at L'Chaim (with a brand new look - way cool Heather!). Her writing is like a refreshing breeze to me. She describes herself as loving to twirl and dance on her smooth concrete floor. Her blog captures that joyful abandon IMO.

D. G. D. Davidson at SciFi Catholic. I don't always agree with him (who said you always had to agree?). However, he always has intelligent posts and is great read. Guest posts by Snuffles the Dragon are worth the price of admission.

Hanna Sandvig at Hanna's Life Is Cool. She's another artistic type with interesting viewpoints. Make a point to check out her gallery of original art. Very nice work (I wish I could draw...).

These are some new folks I'm making a point to check out. Don't forget about the "classics" - the folks in the sidebar on the right (Becky, you're a "classic" now). When I get time these new friends will join the sidebar, but I wanted to showcase them today. Good stuff all around.


  1. Thanks, Jason. I don't know about you, but I've found that blogging almost works like a virtual newsletter. It's great for keeping friends updated on what's going on in your life.

    And, like you said, you can meet some great people, too.

    I am disturbed, however by your inverted sense of good and evil. Come to the light, brother...

    Go Eagles!

  2. Becky is definitely a classic. Thanks for the link, man. You made my day. It's been fun getting to know you through the CSFF.

    Let me know if you ever have any specific editing questions. I live for those. (That's a slight exaggeration, but I do try to glorify God through my editing.)

    Surprising that your nephew doesn't get it. Does he use any social networking sites?

  3. Hahahah--so I'm a classic, eh. Like classic cars, it's all about age, right?? ;-)

    BTW, I'm surprised at any teen who isn't all over anything on the Web. Give him a smack for me, too! LOL


  4. Oh, my nephew loves the web. Too much. He just can get a little old-fashioned in his views, and if he doesn't have experience with it he has snap judgments.

    Can't imagine that from a teenager.

    Becky - it's the age of your link on my blog, that's all! Like Mark G said though, you are a classic!