Thursday, August 16, 2007

Follow the Conversations

Sometimes it is great to blog when other people are having the great discussions, and all I have to do is link to them! Instant content. It is good stuff today though, so I highly suggest following the links and checking them out.

Mike Duran at Decompose is having an interesting discussion on the rules of writing and how that can help or hinder new writers. Here's Day 1. For a counterpoint, make sure to read this comment from an editor. And it continues in Day 2, with more pending, so keep an eye out.

Mike refers to a great discussion that Becky is having over at A Christian Worldview of Fiction regarding "The Place of Art in Fiction." There are some very good thoughts and discussion coming out of the comment section, so take a minute to check those out as well. She started this series on August 7, so I'll just link to her August archives and you can follow from there (as of today, we're on day 8 - how high will it go?).

I hope the community of believers and writers we have can continue to have these good discussions to stir us all up to greater strength in our art. I have to believe that this will bring greater glory to our ultimate Source of creativity. Thank you Jesus!

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