Monday, July 09, 2007

Avoid Cascade Auto Glass

I don't normally want to rant and rag on people/companies/what not on this blog.

However, I'll make an exception today.

Don't do business with Cascade Auto Glass.

We had a windshield replaced by them in April. At the end of June I went to wash my windshield with a squeegee at a convenience store when I had a starburst crack start from the upper right of my windshield, where it meets with the body of the van.

Cascade has a 30 day warranty, and I understand that they probably got hosed in the past by people. However, you can't tell me that this crack came by my applying a little pressure from a squeegee on the glass, or that it was caused by cold water. What it tells me is that either an inferior product was used, it was improperly installed, or both.

I called them, and they told me I had to check the windshield to see if there was any impact point from a chip or something. If there was, too bad. If not, maybe they could help me. After checking, there was no impact, just smooth cracks (with one spreading almost 2 feet by now).

Will they own up and replace it, or at least look at it?


I asked them what they thought would be more costly: paying for one windshield, or dealing with lots of bad publicity from a disgruntled customer. Unfortunately, we live in a corporate age rather than a service oriented age, so the "customer service" (HA!) rep couldn't do anything for me.

Their choice. I will no longer do any business with Cascade Auto Glass. I hope none of you make the same mistake.

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