Monday, May 07, 2007

The Power of Forgiveness - for a Superhero

It is pretty "amazing" when a comic book/superhero movie can speak so powerfully into the human condition. (It really shouldn't be - it's not the source material that's the problem, it's the people who think Batman and Robin was a good idea). Yeah, it is a pun to describe Spiderman 3 as amazing, but that's how I looked at it.

I got to see it Saturday night, and it was a very enjoyable movie from the "popcorn" perspective. Tobey Maguire gets to flaunt his stuff in some different ways, and the action and grapics are top notch. The story had a few wobbles in places, but overall I am not going to complain.

For the purpose of this post, I want to focus on the spiritual aspect. It has been noted elsewhere how each of the movies have delved into various religious motifs. S3 holds nothing back in dealing with the inner life and how we can be destroyed, not from the bad guys out there, but from our own evil impulses.

Spiderman is faced with the double barrel of pride and anger. The city is finally embracing him, and there is concern that he is getting a little big for his spandex. Then he finds that his uncle was killed by a different man than was thought, and Peter becomes fixated on revenge.

The famous black suit makes its appearance as an outward manifestation of Peter's internal turmoil, giving him increased power at the cost of hightening his aggression. After some disasterous behavior, he realizes (while perched on a church) that he must let go of his anger and the alien symbiote that feeds off it.

Finally, Peter is confronted with his past, and he realizes his greatest power comes in forgiveness. The effect of what it does, not only for Spiderman but for the recipient, is nothing short of remarkable.

I have always loved superheroes - their powers and adventures a haven for my fertile imagination. However, we have access to the greatest power of all, and I think the lesson of forgiveness (and the battle within) will have a lingering effect long after the cobwebs are gone.

For more on this topic, Infuze has posted a Bible study based off of S3 that can be downloaded via a PDF file.

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  1. Great review, Jason. I'm looking forward to seeing the movie.

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