Thursday, February 08, 2007

"Good Morning God"

One of my favorite speakers, Tom Brock, is in town for a couple of days. He always brings a word that is encouraging, yet convicting at the same time. He never fails to call us up into the destiny that Jesus has for us as His church.

One of his favorite phrases is, "Are we waking up saying, 'Good morning God!' or, 'Good God, it's morning.'" Last night he shared how we are to be more than survivors, just getting by in this ol' world. He noted that people will say, "Oh, I'm doing pretty good, under the circumstances." Tom says that we shouldn't be under the circumstances, because that is not the place that God has for us!

He spoke something pretty profound: Often times in the church we focus on being "better fellowshippers" with God. You know how it goes: "Oh Lord, I just wanna be closer to You." Tom suggests this might be the problem.

We are not here to sit in church to learn how to be perfect people. We are sent as Jesus was sent (John 17). What was Jesus sent for? "To save the world through Him" (John 3:17). We are not called to hole up in church until Jesus comes back for us. We need to engage the world, reaching out around us to the lost. When we do that, we are in the purpose of God for our lives, and we are doing more than just "making it" in this world.

Tom's back for more tonight. Maybe I can share a little more profound and pithy at that time!

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