Sunday, February 11, 2007

Any Given Sunday

Wow. An actual day of rest. Usually Sundays are pretty hectic around here, at least in the morning. Doesn't seem to matter what time we get up, we are always on the run getting to church. Beccy warms up with the worship team while I teach the adult Sunday school class. Then church, where my love leads worship and I do assorted things, whatever needed during the service. Sound board, usher, nursery - just point me in the right direction. Often in the afternoon we take it easy, but we're usually worn out by that time.

Today the boys and I were all fighting colds, so we decided to save our friends at church the company of our germs. Bec still had to go, so it was a boys' day. It was nice.

The boys asked me to draw them some superheroes, so we tried our hand at Spiderman, Batman, the Flash, among others. Whoa, I can still draw, somewhat. Later on they watched a DVD rental of Justice League while I soaked in a relaxing bath reading Relentless.

In the afternoon the boys entertained themselves while I worked on a short story I've been writing for a little while. Beccy ran home for lunch, then went off to a scrapbooking date with some other ladies. I missed her, but again it was just a restful day.

There's something to this "day of rest" thing. I wonder if we partake of it enough?

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  1. Sometimes it's hard to "rest" but it's definitely something we need to take serious.

    You get two kudos from me for metnioning A.) Justice League and B.) Scrapbooking - that's just cool stuff.

    Good post!