Friday, May 12, 2006

Roamin' through Romans

Some weeks just don't go as planned. Maybe that is why the admonition, "Don't worry about tomorrow, for today has its own troubles" was given. Anyway, doing anything here took a little hit.

I've got some ideas for what to do here. I see some amazing blogs (check out the always growing links on the right!) and what they do. I can't recreate that, and don't particularly want to. I will talk about life, writing, having some fun, and where faith can fit into all of that.

Sometimes I will just talk about faith. I happen to be the adult Sunday school teacher at my church, and we are beginning a series on the book of Romans. Reformation here we come! ;)

I basically am studying the book of Romans in depth for myself, and from that I intend to teach the class. I plan on posting once a week or so just on what I'm getting out of this book. So check back in the future and we can do a little on-line walk through Romans together.

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