Monday, May 29, 2006

Joining the Syndicate

I'm slowly getting the hang of this blogging thing (I think). At least I'm fooling some people, as I just signed up to help with the Christian Fiction Syndicate. What is this, you ask? Anything with the word "syndicate" in its name can't be good, right?

The CFS was the brainchild of TL Hines, and was created to boost a book's profile in the blogosphere. With multiple blogs linking to the same book, it bumps up the book's listing on all the uber-geeky sites like Technorati and what not. Brandilyn Collins was the focus of the last blog tour, and she describes what it did for her book Web of Lies here and here.

It is an awesome idea and I was excited to participate...except one little hitch. I signed up last week, and it turns out that the next tour is RIGHT NOW. It is for The Hidden by Kathryn Mackel. Since I had such little lead time, I unfortunately didn't get to read the book or find out much of anything about it. However, just by linking to it, I still fulfill the requirements of the Syndicate. Also, I unabashedly point to Becky Miller's post on this book to give some useful info on this book.

I should be able to be a full participant next time...should. :P


  1. Thanks for the link, Jason. I'll be sure to get you linked tomorrow. Syndicate not alliance, eh. I don't even know what I joined! ;-)


  2. Anonymous8:18 PM

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  3. Anonymous5:10 AM

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