Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Gleanings From A Potato Head

Bronco Nation
Idahoans are used to being fodder when someone needs to reference a place in the U.S. that's way out there. "They even know about this in Boise, Idaho!"

The Boise State Broncos and their blue football turf has helped change some of that (Go Broncos!) and given us more recognition. For writers, I have another reason why we're not the remote, end-of-the-world place we may seem.

I just returned from the Idahope Writers Conference in Boise - the Idaho chapter of the ACFW. It was a great one day conference, and we didn't lack for being potato heads.

So I'd like to share some gleanings I got from our author panel, which included:

These fine wordsmiths were asked several questions. One that interests all writers is, "How do you overcome writer's block?"

Ellis: Finish your writing day with a scene hanging. When you come back, you have something to return to.

Hatcher: You need to know your characters better, or you're trying to force them to do things that goes against their nature.

Collins: Kicking cabinets always helps!

Leavell: Read authors you hate. Then you'll say, "I'm better than them!" Voila, instant motivation.

Williamson: Sometimes you have to make yourself. If you're really stuck, skip to a fun scene or something you know is needed to keep you going.

Hatcher: Sometimes the blech, the garbage just has to come out, in order to let the good stuff start flowing. 

There's a sampling of what our day was like. Thanks to all who made the Idahope Conference such a success. And here's to writers and blue Smurf turf!

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