Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Writing Through The Pain

The red area - it burns!
Sometime you have to write through the pain.

No, literally, you have to write through the pain!

I'm fighting some low back issues for the last couple of weeks, and it may be time to get some injections into the back. Even though I'm in the medical profession, it doesn't mean I like getting needles poked into me any more than the next guy. But I'll be alright, although it is a little depressing to be limited when spring is coming and Idaho is actually having a spring. And who knows, there might be something to write out of all of this. ;)

So much for my hook. Yes, I am dealing with some pain, but sometimes we have to write when it hurts figuratively as well. The subject we're dealing with may be close to our own trials or troubles. We may be exposing feelings or thoughts long buried. It may be just good ol' writers' block pinning us down on the proverbial mat, and no matter what we do we can't wriggle free from its grip.

What do we do?

It isn't fun to hit the difficult parts, but if you believe what you're doing is worth it, then it is imperative to power through. In my WIP, I touch on human trafficking. It is not pleasant to deal with some of this, and I have some characters saying things that I find abhorrent. I don't see a way around it. If I want to see this story to fruition, it has to go there.

One way to break through is to keep writing. If it freezes your progress, it can be difficult to keep momentum. When I hit a point like this, I found setting a timer and making myself write whatever crap that comes out helped a lot. It pushed me through the tough part.

As a Christian, I believe another method is certainly prayer. If it is a personal pain, writing about it can be cathartic but it opens old wounds. Again using medical analogies, sometimes festering wounds need to be opened so the bad stuff can be drained out and true healing can begin. Prayer and Bible study can help with the spiritual healing.

Sometimes we may need to get up, stretch our legs, and move out of the situation to clear our head. If we're beating our heads against the monitor (hopefully still figuratively here), it might be best to leave and return with a fresh perspective.

At the end, it is important to always get back up again. If it is worth fighting for, don't stay down. Push through it. And here's a little musical interlude to help with the mood ;)

What say you? Have you had pain (figurative or literal) you've had to battle to keep going?

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