Monday, March 26, 2012

There Be Monsters Here - A CSFF Tour Special Report

There are some things best left unexplored.

Do you really want to know what is behind the spooky door in the basement of the old abandoned house at the end of the street?

Do you really want to split up from your group in foggy woods on an otherwise warm summer night?

Do you really want to know what truly lives under your skin?

If you can imagine...

If you dare...

You might be ready for Night Of The Living Dead Christian.

But don't say I didn't warn you.

Because right now, I just warned you. See that up there? That's a warning. So, you've been warned, and you can't say otherwise.

If you think this post is silly, then you might just be ready for Night Of The Living Dead Christian.

If you have contemplated what it means to be transformed (and I'm not talking about robot cars and more than meets the eye), if you want more from your life, and are tired of stuggling to become holy on your own...

Then you might be ready for Night Of The Living Dead Christian.

And if you want to see if other people are being less cryptic than me, check below:

Gillian Adams
Julie Bihn
Red Bissell
Thomas Clayton Booher
Thomas Fletcher Booher
Keanan Brand
Beckie Burnham
Morgan L. Busse
Theresa Dunlap
Amber French
Tori Greene
Nikole Hahn
Ryan Heart
Bruce Hennigan
Janeen Ippolito
Becky Jesse
Carol Keen
Shannon McDermott
Rebecca LuElla Miller
Joan Nienhuis
John W. Otte
Crista Richey
Sarah Sawyer
Chawna Schroeder
Rachel Starr Thomson
Steve Trower
Fred Warren
Shane Werlinger
Nicole White
Dave Wilson


  1. A great intro, Jason. You certainly caught my attention.


  2. Thanks for the warning! :D

  3. Intriguing! :)

    What will come next?

  4. Nice review. I like the style.