Tuesday, January 03, 2012


An announcement!

I've been blogging since 2006. I've posted regularly for quite a while, but in the last half of 2011, I started struggling. I didn't always have inspiration for a post. I questioned whether I should continue with this blog, as I am working on a novel and wondered about splitting my writing time.

Friends encouraged me to continue, and I know that an author needs a presence online to help chances of publication in this brave new world of books and ebooks. Even with this, I limped to the end of the year.

Keepin' it fresh, yo?
What do I do? How to keep it fresh after 5+ years of blogging?

Good ideas are worth stealing, and I'm going to borrow an idea from my writing and geekery friend Athena Grayson and her blog. She has themed days that keeps her going with a structure and regular posts. That's what will happen here at Spoiled For The Ordinary.

1. Mission Mondays. I started this blog without much of an idea of a theme. Over time I wanted to bring out ideas and news about missions and being a world Christian. The time I spent in missions led to the title of this blog and a radical change in life for me. Now I will be deliberate with it and highlight different stories related to the mission of God's Kingdom on Mondays.

2. Writing Wednesdays. The other major focus of this blog is on writing. I talk about my writing journey, Christian fiction issues, and publishing in general. Heaven knows writing blogs are a dime a dozen out there. Still, I'm interested in the process and will continue to add my own 2 cents to the never-ending flow of words - because writers never met a word they didn't like (maybe "actually" is getting there, but I digress).

3. Free Fridays. Freedom!  I'm not limiting myself here. I can post random stuff. I'm not committing myself. There may or may not be content on Fridays. Because I am giving myself that freedom. Nuff said.

There will be breaks in this. I am a regular contributor to the Christian Sci-Fi and Fantasy tour, which routinely runs Mondays through Wednesdays. This will supercede things when I participate.

I hope this helps me keep motivated and lets readers know what to expect and when to find things. I'm excited for 2012, and I want to continue on this journey with all of you. Yes, you in the back as well. Okay, even you Mark.

Here we go...


  1. Good plan, Jason. You go, guy.

  2. Good luck with the plan Jason!

    Happy 2012!

  3. Thanks for the encouragement gang. You both are good examples to follow!

  4. Mark H.8:28 AM

    Well, I guess I'll stick around, since you invited me so warmly... :P

  5. Well, kick me in the Googles for only now finding the trackback! :) Sometimes you can lose your bloggy way, but having topics helps you keep from suffering the "analysis paralysis" of having too many choices.

    1. Glad you could find this. I had to give credit, and it certainly has helped me stay motivated and inspire posts. Thanks for the good idea, for letting me steal ;), and for all around being a friend!