Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Getting Back On The Horse

"Heading" in the right direction?

Full disclosure - I've never actually fallen off a horse. Not a literal horse. I'm talking about the figurative horse. Of course.


Last week the best laid blogging and writing plans were up-ended by crises. Yes, multiple. The different situations are still working themselves out, but some of the consequences are trying to get back to everything.

I'm working on getting regular blog content in here, and missing a week was not in my best-laid plans. Also, I was building up some momentum in my WIP, and it's thrown me just a little (not as bad as this cowboy though!).

What's a writer to do?

Get back in the saddle, of course. It is easier for some to pick up where they left off and keep moving. Others have to ease back in. I've always struggled with getting back into it if I lose momentum. I lost the last idea I had for a blog post. So as a good writer should, I'm turning THAT into something to write about.

I bet the guy in the picture above sure got on another horse (maybe not that one, but still...). It shouldn't stop us either. I had a good excuse from last week, but last week is gone, and I can't use it as an excuse any more. What will get me back in the saddle?

Doing my routine. Get out the cell phone, set the time, and get writing. That turns off the internal editor, and the rules are "NO internet" during this time. It gets me 300-500 words in a 20 minute shot, and that's more than I'll get if I putz around, or sit in the dirt feeling sorry for myself.

Besides, if I stay in the dirt, that darn animal might come back for another crack at me.
What say you? What has thrown you from your game before, and how do you get back up?

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  1. I've taken to writing down the central thought of blog post ideas because I've forgotten so many of them. LOL You made the most out of your forgetfulness, or maybe we can say God directed your thinking into another line. ;-)

    Good post, Jason. Sorry to hear about your hard week last week. And so glad you're out of the dirt and back in the saddle. You are so right. Nothing works better than saying, It's time to write, and sitting down with distractions away, and doing it. It's fun, but it's still work.