Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pay Me In Flesh - A Zombie Legal Thriller

Hungry for something different in fiction?

Ready to sink your teeth into some tasty reading?

Or perhaps you prefer brains...

Pay Me In Flesh is the brainchild of one K. Bennett, a fertile mind who came up with a simple premise: what could be done that's fresh in the zombie genre. Well, try this teaser on for size.
In L.A., practicing law can be hell. Especially if you’re dead.

In an increasingly hellacious L.A., zombie lawyer Mallory Caine defends a vampire hooker accused of the crime Mallory herself committed, even as a zombie-killer closes in and the love of her former life comes back as the Deputy DA she must oppose. And as Lucifer himself begins setting up L.A. as his headquarters for a new attack on heaven and earth, Mallory slowly discovers she may be the one who has to stop him. 

This mass paperback book is packed with witty dialog, unforgettable characters, and an attorney with a bite. Mallory Caine is trying to find out who killed her and see if she can recover her soul. She hates to eat brains, but she's doing what she must to survive. She's not the normal lumbering, witless undead. Sure, she needs a little moisturizer and prefers educated brains (Harvard and Stanford go down much nicer than your drop-out), but she still sees a need for the innocent to get justice.

It is a fresh take on both the legal thriller and the zombie novel. The pace of the books keeps the reader lurching forward, and the city of Los Angeles becomes a character in the mood and setting of the novel.

I don't want to give too much away. Suffice it to say, I think you won't find a more original novel premise this year, and Pay Me In Flesh is a read that will have you laughing, drawn in, and hungry for more.

You may hear a rumor that K. Bennett shares a startling resemblance to James Scott Bell, but that's a common point of confusion. Pay it no mind...

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