Wednesday, September 21, 2011

CSFF Tour Day 3 - The Monster In The Hollows

Today is the last day of our feature of Andrew Peterson's wonderful series The Wingfeather Saga and the latest book, The Monster In The Hollows.

What do I know though? I'm almost a greybeard.

How about we ask some of the intended audience?

Two thumbs up!
I have been reading this series to my boys Nathan (11) and Matthew (9 1/2) for three years (Caleb is starting to get into it, but he has the attention span of Kalmar on a bad day). They have eaten up the antics and adventures of the Florid Sword, Peet the Sock Man, Oskar N. Reteep,the Durgan Patrol and even Sara Cobbler (a girl!).

Nathan has recently read the first two books again, so he wrote up a summary of the series.
On The Edge Of The Dark Sea Of Darkness:
"I like how they think they're normal kids with a normal life, until everything changes in a few days. Then they find out Tink (Kalmar) is a king, Janner is a Throne Warden, and Leeli is a Song Maiden."

North! Or Be Eaten
  "From the Glipwood Forest to the Stranders, Dugtown, the Fork Factory, and the Ice Prairies there are challenges wherever the Wingfeathers go, and with all that excitement, why can't you love this book!" (Why indeed?)

The Monster In The Hollows:
"The Wingfeathers think they can be safe in the Green Hollows but they immediately run into problems. When they seem to have a normal life, Janner finds out that his little brother is stealing animals and the Hollowsfolk aren't happy. As they're about to be hanged (as my brother and I go crazy), the surprise is actually the [removed for spoiler purposes!]"

Matthew focused on Monster.
"The Monster In The Hollows is really exciting. It has a lot of mystery, which I really like about it, and is one of the reasons it's my favorite book in the Wingfeather Saga. I really like how it has a lot of cliffhangers, because my brother and I went coo-coo on a lot of the cliffhangers. I really also like the part where Janner found out that Kalmar was gone in the middle of the night and went and tracked him in the snow!

But my favorite part of all was when they figured out [a major spoiler]. I was really surprised because we thought he was [spoiler], so I was really shocked. I did also like the chapter "Artham and the Deeps of Throg". So I am looking forward to another book."

Ok, I had to provide a little redacting to not blow some great surprises. I hope the words of some true boys who enjoy good books will encourage you to pick this up, especially if you have kids. Even if you don't, it is a great series to read for kids of any age!

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  1. Jason, I love this post! How perfect to have your boys weigh in. I hope you post this at Amazon. This is what people considering this book and series need to hear!


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