Monday, August 22, 2011

CSFF Tour - Residential Aliens Day 1

Welcome back Tour!

It is time again for the Christian Sci-fi and Fantasy Tour. My favorite time of the blogging month. We took a hiatus last month due to the busy summer, but we have some interesting things in the works to make up for it.

This month we're focusing on the Residential Aliens zine, featuring "spiritually infused speculative fiction."

According to editor Lyn Perry, his goal is to "embrace literature from a spiritual perspective. Combining spec fic and spirituality, and wanting to contribute to faith-informed genre fiction, ResAliens Press offers fans of science fiction, fantasy, and spiritual & supernatural thriller a quality venue in which to share their passion."

I know the quote gives the whole gamut of speculative fiction as targets, but it seems to me that ResAliens really caters to spiritual science fiction. Some would argue that sci-fi and religion are mutually exclusive - the "science vs. religion" divide. I disagree. There are many ideas in science fiction that have greater resonance with spirituality mixed in with it. Why cut off a longstanding vital aspect of human culture?

You can find out more at the ResAliens editor's blog, and Lyn's personal blog discusses other aspects of ficiton writing as well.
I'm enjoying delving into ResAlien so far, and I will be back the next two days to hopefully point you to some quality short stories. Until then, check out my tourmates below for more fun and madness!
Noah Arsenault
Brandon Barr
Thomas Clayton Booher
Grace Bridges
Beckie Burnham
Jeff Chapman
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