Monday, May 16, 2011

CSFF Tour - The Ale Boy's Feast, Day 1

One last voyage.

The CSFF Tour is about to finish up a series that we've featured since it started. Four books is a lot, and it is cool to see it through to the end. I'm talking about Jeffrey Overstreet's Auralia Thread series, and the 4th book The Ale Boy's Feast.

I've been involved with each tour, so to give some context, I'd point you to my previous posts about the series.

Book 1: Auralia's Colors

Book 2: Cyndere's Midnight - including an interview with Jeffrey Overstreet.

Book 3: Raven's Ladder

For further information, you can check out Jeffrey's site Looking Closer. Also, my fellow travelers at the CSFF Tour will have many interesting posts for your perusal. Check them out below.

Gillian Adams
Red Bissell
Grace Bridges
Beckie Burnham
Morgan L. Busse
Valerie Comer
CSFF Blog Tour
Shane Deal
Chris Deane
Cynthia Dyer
Andrea Graham
Katie Hart
Ryan Heart
Bruce Hennigan
Carol Keen
Dawn King
Inae Kyo
Shannon McDermott
Shannon McNear
Karen McSpadden
Rebecca LuElla Miller
Eve Nielsen
John W. Otte
Sarah Sawyer
Kathleen Smith
Donna Swanson
Rachel Starr Thomson
Robert Treskillard
Steve Trower
Fred Warren
Dona Watson

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