Monday, January 03, 2011

CSFF Tour - The Wolf of Tebron, Day 1

Welcome to another Christian Sci-fi and Fantasy blog tour. This is a group passionate about quality speculative fiction with a Christian worldview, and there are always good discussions on the books we highlight each month.

I believe we're having two tours this month, with the first featuring The Wolf of Tebron by C.S. Lakin.

The backcopy to the book says it is a "stirring allegory of God's love in classic fairy tale tradition." It follows the adventures of Joran, a young blacksmith with the gift of mindspeaking with animals. He has a recurrent dream that his wife is trapped by the Moon after he sends her away in a fit of anger. On his journey he rescues a large wolf, who becomes his companion on traveling to the four ends of the world to solve the riddle of his dream and rescuing his wife. Joran suffers through many trials in his journey, but in the end a sacrifice is needed to finish his task. Will Joran risk all for what seems to be a dream?

Ms. Lakin appears to be a prolific writer, as she has another contemporary book that was recently released, Someone to Blame, (the CFBA tour will be featuring it later this month). You can find out more about her from the website for The Wolf of Tebron and her personal blog.

As always, you can find different opinions from my varied tourmates below. I will have a review of the book in a later post as well.

Noah Arsenault
Amy Bissell
Red Bissell
Justin Boyer
Keanan Brand
Grace Bridges
Beckie Burnham
Jeff Chapman
Christian Fiction Book Reviews
Carol Bruce Collett
Valerie Comer
CSFF Blog Tour
D. G. D. Davidson
April Erwin
Andrea Graham
Nikole Hahn
Katie Hart
Ryan Heart
Bruce Hennigan
Becky Jesse
Cris Jesse
Becca Johnson
Carol Keen
Dawn King
Shannon McDermott
Matt Mikalatos
Rebecca LuElla Miller
Joan Nienhuis
John W. Otte
Chawna Schroeder
Tammy Shelnut
Kathleen Smith
James Somers
Rachel Starr Thomson
Robert Treskillard
Fred Warren
Phyllis Wheeler
I did receive an advanc reader copy of this book for review purposes.

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