Monday, October 25, 2010

"The Continuum" and Other Tales

Hey all. I haven't gone anywhere. Busy work and trying to finish up things at home can cause blogging deficiencies though, it is a documented condition.

Instead of reading my mea culpa for being somewhat absent, you should be reading where on the scale of Christian fiction you land, if you are a writer. Thanks to Mike Duran's post, we know have an objective scale for measuring just how Christian a particular novel is.

Actually, I'm full of it today. Mike did write an interesting post with a scale borrowed from John Wimber and his book Power Evangelism to describe where people are in their relationship (or lack thereof) with God. It was actually helpful, because it made me think about how realistic my plot progression is in my WIP. I recommend you check it out (and just follow Mike already - I link to him enough here).

In other news, I finished some light reading involving dimension-hopping and time travel. Of course I'm referring to the new novel The Skin Map by Stephen Lawhead. I'll be discussing it more next week for a blog tour, so if the premise interests you (and it really should), then check back.

Finally, is there anything people want to discuss here? Seriously, I'm interested in some topics to help feed this fertile imagination. That way, I don't come up with something that stinks...

OK, this post is getting far too silly. I'll be back soon with hopefully more coherent thoughts.

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