Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Discussions on "Edgy" Christian Fiction

Some are getting seriously tired of the label "edgy" when discussing Christian fiction. I can understand. Without an objective definition, one person's edgy is another person's milquetoast.

That being said, there have been a couple of interesting posts on the subject of edgy last week.

Mike Duran had an interesting post over at Decompose, and he disputes whether Christian fiction is really delving into the edgy or not. With 40+ comments this week, the dialogue has been interesting to say the least. If you're interested in this conversation, be sure to check it out.

Ted Dekker has had a first: his latest novel Immanuel's Veins has been banned in Holland. Strange, I know. It is only banned because the Christian publisher that produces his books there feels it is too "sensual" for their audience. Ted is not afraid to state a point, so he has a thought-provoking reply on his Facebook page.

For now I don't have anything new to say in regards to these issues. Rather than rehashing them here, go check them out. Go on, off with ya now...

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