Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"Imagine," If You Will... (CSFF Blog Tour)

Prepare yourself. You are about to enter a blog post where anything can happen. Anything you can imagine may pop up.

A talking donkey?


A romp through space and time and Portland, Oregon?


Jesus getting punched in the face?

Say what???

Welcome to the June edition of the Christian Sci-fi and Fantasy Blog Tour, a lively place to find some people talking passionately about speculative fiction with a Christian bent. I can promise you that this is the most interesting book we have ever talked about.

Imaginary Jesus.

This is the first book from Matt Mikalatos. I've interacted with Matt since the old faith*in*fiction blog days and have followed him off and on at his blog "Burning Hearts Revolution" since. His humor kept it very entertaining, as he talked about his girls' adventures in soccer, traveling for ministry, or off-the-wall observations of life.

The last phrase is a good description of Imaginary Jesus.

It is an unusual novel, as it has a lot of autobiographical elements of Matt's life woven through the book. In fact, he is the main character. The book starts with him hanging out at a Portland coffee shop with who he thinks is Jesus. At least, it is "his" Jesus.

When a burly fisherman type comes in and joins Matt, he is startled when the stranger accuses Jesus of not being real. This is where Jesus gets pounded in the nose.

Matt protests, but the stranger introduces himself as the apostle Peter, and he informs Matt, "I knew Jesus. That is not the real Jesus."

From there the book takes the reader on a wild ride to discover the real Jesus. It involves time travel, talking donkeys, comic book shops, dinner with the President, and a "Houdini Dog."

If that doesn't pique your interest for my review tomorrow, then I may have to ask Matt to send you the Frog of Hate (TM).

If you require a little more instant gratification, check out the book's website or my tour comrades below!

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  1. Anonymous11:38 AM

    Great intro, Jason!


  2. Fun post -- made me smile as I recalled parts of the book. And who doesn't (ahem) love the Frog of Hate?