Tuesday, April 27, 2010

CSFF Tour - Raven's Ladder Day 2

The race continues - the race to be relevant for the April (part deux) CSFF blog tour, featuring Raven's Ladder by Jeffrey Overstreet.

While my mad page-turning continues, in "honor" of the recent Earth Day, here are some recycled posts!

Last year's interview with Jeffrey Overstreet (tried to update it to 3D, didn't work - but you can put on some red and blue goggles if you want).

Did you notice it placing in this notable list of top books of 2009?

Finally, here's some people who have finished this race!

We'll see tomorrow if I make it...


  1. *Tosses a virtual water bottle* Hang in there, Jason! You can do it!

    And the red & blue goggles work great!

  2. Pulling for you :). You can do it!