Friday, November 20, 2009

CFBA Tour - Eternity Falls

From one blog tour to another, from Elven lands to cyberpunk, where there's books, Spoiled for the Ordinary will go!

This week the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance is featuring first-time author Kirk Outerbridge and his book Eternity Falls - A Rick Macey Cyberthriller. I mentioned this book last month due to its excellent cover art, and today is my review.

In the year 2081, no one has to die. Thanks to the Miracle Treatment from Gentec, people never age, and can actually be restored to any time in their life they want. But when spokeswoman starlet Greta Darling dies from apparent natural causes, this could destroy the product and company.

When the lovely VP from Gentec, Sheila Dunn, wants to find a reason that would show it wasn't due to the failure of the Miracle Treatment, she turns to Rick Macey, a retired government operative who has secrets that match his formidable skills. He will need all his experience and abilities to deal with the various forces that want Ms. Dunn and Gentec to fail.

I've not read a cyberpunk type novel before, and it's not surprising that this offering in the Christian fiction realm comes from Marcher Lord Press. Jeff Gerke's publishing company is the perfect vehicle for a book that doesn't fit with the mainstream of CBA novels.

Outerbridge has a solid first effort here. He sets a very interesting dystopic future, with the wonders of the Miracle Treatment nicely contrasted with areas of Los Angeles that are home to cybergangs due to the neglect from the government. Futuristic touches such as neural nets that provide instant messaging and computer searches with a thought, holographic ID's, and other technological advances are well-thought out and used throughout the book.

Rick Macey is a good protagonist with some surprises in store for the reader. He is a complex individual, and he wrestles with his past and his future throughout the story. Other characters such as the mysterious Virgil and the mobster Pooly add to the colorful landscape of the story. Sheila Dunn is mixed, appearing strong, petulant, spoiled, and a damsel in distress at various times, never consistent enough to be terribly believable.

The plot overall moves at a pretty suspenseful pace, but there are several points where the narrative could be edited to keep the story sharper. There's too much introspection, dialog, and description at times that bog the story down. The imagery of "eternity falls" is potent, but gets overdone at the end of the story.

Overall, I wasn't sure how "Christian" cyberpunk would play out, but Eternity Falls is an interesting read that has flaws, but is nonetheless entertaining. Fans of near future sci/fi and cyberpunk should check it out, as well as suspense fans. I think Outerbridge has the potential to be a strong player in the development of Christian speculative fiction in the future.

If you would like to read an excerpt from Chapter 1 of Eternity Falls, go HERE


  1. Good, balanced review, Jason.

  2. Yep, nice review. Eternity Falls is a fun book. I encourage you to check out all the Marcher Lord Press titles!